2004 06 28 - New point of view

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:. 2004 06 28 - New point of view

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  About us  

 Dear visitors of our site,

Welcome to our firm "Medienos centras" (Wood Centre) Internet site. Our company is engaged in trade of various timber and wood products. Here you can find as many as 300 different products - European standard certified in Lithuania windows made of laminated timber, coniferous, hardwood, plywood doors and doors for baths, three-ply parquet flooring, Norwegian BOEN and hardwood parquet as well as other timber and wood products, in brief, everything from boards to timber houses. Our firm itself produces majority of products. Therefore, if you fail to find required product we shall make it ourselves according to your individual design. Besides, our carpenters will measure and install doors and windows, lay the flooring. At your wish we may deliver your order to your door. All the products are covered with guarantee period. We are happy to add that our products are exported to the CIS and European countries.

Director Kestutis Kluonis

Buyers always get full information about our products, states director K.Kluonis